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The new video Sorrow

Can we look forward to sorrow? Yes, if the author of the video is Tomislav Ćurković. To the previous videos of musical themes from the album Moon, we join a new visual artwork, a music video for the song Sorrow, where the icons of our younger days, the symbols of insouciance and innocence, Disney heroes Goofy and Mickey, meet in their late age, disappointed and helpless. Moreover, they are transformed into metaphors of oblivion and transience. Why this song? Everything is in its emotional charge, which leads us into melancholy and minor mood.

SPAVAČI SPAVAJU (Girandon & iTurk Rmx)

Listen our new remix, remix theme «Sleepers sleep».

VODENA (Water) in new American remix
September 6th 2010

And here it is: another remix of Vodena, straight from the USA! Its Authors? The three piece unit known as Wunderbugg.

So, Wunderbugg.. who are they? Right because of the explosive emergence of the instrumental phenomenon known under that name, Seattle is catching the eye of the pop world again, nearly two decades after it set grunge on the world music map. Moved by the retro vibe of the pianist Whidden Flores (psychedelic of the 60’s, progressivity of the 70’s, new wave of the 80’s), Wunderbugg is known for Whidden’s MIDI sequences and other music effects. There are also many music cooperations, including the twin sisters Audra Page and Elke Hautala. The Wunderbugg trio drew the greatest attention by bringing dynamic perspective of the live rock band into DJ performing.

The sound of this Seattle trio follows The Chemical Brothers, Infected Mushroom, Tori Amos and The Crystal Method. The electronic trail leads them even further than these exciting and unpredictable ways of improvisation.

The fact that the album Transgradulate had 400 000 clicks and downloads tells a lot about the Wunderbugg phenomenon (Seattle Alternative Charts, June - November 2009). Trio collaborates in the implementation of the new Clubjumpers EP (Grammy Award winner recently nominated for the best D.J. in the U.S. on IMA Awards 2010). The EP release is expected in September 2010.

Wunderbugg also cooperated with famous Mark Fisher, on the implementation of EP Syai, with the production of multi-Grammy award winning producer Otto Geoff. EP is released these days. Previously, in September 2008, the XLR8R magazine put Wunderbugg on the 7th place on the top-ten list. The single 3Molecules Away appeared on Lip Service Website soundtrack.

The Wunderbugg trio moved across the ocean to dive into Water along with Putokazi. It’s impossible not to follow them.

Music video of VODENA (Grabber & Tomec Rmx)
July 26th 2010

After their using of 21. centuries technology and after making the first Croatian interactive music video "Sumska", PUTOKAZI continue to surprise. Now by going four decades back in past over their new music video. Music video "Vodena (Grabber   Tomec Rmx)" sought the artistic images of underwater game of shape, light and female body. Those ones are found as to be part of the art-treasure of Seventies; they are found in archives of Petar Trinajstic, renowned Rijeka's master of film, a movie scenario writer and a Director. Restless spirit of the Seventies is filled with symbolism, and Eroticism of the body is apparent over the playful overlap of light and shade. Dream, daydreaming or reality? Discover for yourself! A video remix is made done by Kreativni odjel studio from Rijeka.

VODENA (Grabber & Tomec Rmx)
July 1st 2010

We made the first of Remixes for some theme from the album "Mjesec" (The Moon)! The one we write here about is a Remix of the track "Vodena" (Water), Remix signed by music producers Marko Grabber and Kresimir Tomec. Marko is a member of Slovenian band KISHA and Kresimir is well known for his works with Croatian band CUBISMO. The duo these days releases their album "Dalmatian dub". And of course, here we have a WATER - directing.. us summers to the feeling of Freedom and Heavenly Walkers to weightlessness.

"Šumska" - the first Croatian interactive music video
February 22nd 2010

For their birthday, Putokazi are moving the boundaries of musical experience again, this time using the newest technology. We were only listeners once, then we enjoyed television video clips, and now, in 21st century, we become the communicators - those who participate in the action, those who actively contribute to the new multimedia experience - whenever we want!

'Šumska' is the first Croatian interactive music video, and its premiere will be on the Putokazi web page Our desire is to enable a richer and more personalized experience for people, to immerge them into the magical world of Putokazi where the past, present and future stories blend. Each viewer decides how he will take part in this unique story, dream or meditative experience. Most of them will solve the riddle necessary for the story's continuation - or simply get to know themselves better through emerging the peaceful virtual world, getting to know the limits of their inner, emotional universe, the universe the album 'Mjesec' is exactly about.

'Šumska' won't be seen on television because its content overgrows the one-way media that television provides. 'Šumska' must be a personal experience. By means of this, Putokazi are entering an artistic era on the next level - all available interactive audio-visual stories, artistic expressions in virtual worlds, probably precursors of futuristic holodecks found in SF films. Although the action of this video depends on the viewer, it exists and is set in the distant future. The admirers of the Putokazi videography will recognize the continuation of a story about a girl named Ivana seen in the previous videos 'Snena pleše' and 'Play, Rew, F Fwd'.

The originality of 'Šumska' is the use of Hyperviz, a technology of the local authors - Rijeka's multimedia production department 'Kreativni odjel'. Hyperviz was added into the 'Knjiga najboljih' as one of the best innovations in Croatia last year. E-novation is an acknowledgment for innovations in high technology organized by the publishers Vidi and also Ruđer Bošković Institute. To fully enjoy 'Šumska', it is necessary to use one of the recommended web browsers for Windows and Mac computers with free Unity 3D plug-in. For the best experience, computers with video cards with at least 265MB video memory, as well as high-quality headphones or speakers are recommended.

26 years of Putokazi! Two new music videos for our birthday.
February 22nd 2010

A few dared to think the story would enter its 26th year, when we started working on February 22nd 1984. We are looking forward to our 26th birthday and accepting congratulations on Monday, February 22nd 2010. We are adding two new videos to the existing videos from our album 'Mjesec', the video for the song 'Tuga', directed by Tomislav Ćurković and an interactive music video (the first work of that kind in Croatia) by which the song 'Šumska' is being visualized.

Why these songs? It's all in their emotional states. The first one takes us into the melancholic, minor key mood, while the other, sung a cappella, fills us with overwhelming joy and playfulness of major key tones. Aren't these two atmospheres also the limits of our inner, emotional universe, the universe the album 'Mjesec' is all about?

Both musical videos will be officially promoted on March 21st, on the first day of Spring, also on the International Day of Forests and Planetarium Day. This will happen on the same location where the album 'Mjesec' first appeared before the eyes and ears of the audience - in the planetarium of the Astronomical Center in Rijeka. The ones that are less patient can visit the official Putokazi website on February 22nd, where the unique multimedia experience will be awaiting them, the interactive video for the song 'Šumska'.

Is this a birthday present for ourselves or for the audience? The wise know that in such situations the conjuction 'and' is more appropriate than the conjuction 'or'.

Reach for the Moon!
January 15th 2010

An exclusive musical-scenic meeting with the last Putokazi album,
The Croatian House of Culture (HKD) on Sušak, February the 7th at 8 pm

In a concert happening through which our last album will be introduced, we question the grounds on which present ethno music is based. This culturally intriguing mission is printed with an emotional, female handwriting and comes into contact with archetypal emotions: sorrow, solitude, joy, elation, anguish... We question ourselves: Is it possible to express archetypal emotions in a language that is distant from our inner principals due to tehnological development?

The Moon is here. Be courageous: silently, on your tiptoes, reach for it!

New radio and video single "Dvojnica" ("Duality")

Pacing the light and the dark side of the Moon, we had already bestowed upon you two radio singles, "Tu sam" and "Grad, s druge strane stakla". You were also presented with two videos, accompanying the songs "Output" and "Tu sam".

New radio single "Dvojnica" , together with a video, comes to join them. With these, the stroll upon the mystical and magical landscapes of the Moon continues. The video has been filmed with a digital camera in slow motion; the authors of the video came up with a special mechanism and technique which rotate the box, the central location of the video. Thus capturing the motion, and giving the inanimate an animate feature inside of the video. The camera is rotated simultaneously with the box, and the image stays static.

Tomislav Ćurković and Aljoša Brajdić, working for Rijeka's multimedia studio Megaphone, are the authors of the video. Brajdić has a PhD in design and is also a member of the Croatian Design Society, with a number of successful exhibitions behind him. Ćurković is an academic painter, a versatile artist not only dealing with paintings, but also with stage scenography, music and video art. So far he has filmed a number of rewarded documentaries: Punan, Varanasi and Bule. His film Bule, dealing with a white man heading towards Papua New Guinea, searching for the paradise bird, one of the most beautiful, but also the rarest birds in the world, won a special jury selected reward on the annual film festival "17. Dani Hrvatskog filma".

One should surrender him/herself to the Moon, for She is an amalgam of perfect pieces of pop music and exciting exploits of our undiscovered inner world. One should surrender to "Dvojnica" also, fearless with duality.

The new radio single "Grad, s druge strane stakla"

We present the new radio single from the album "Moon". The theme "Grad, s druge strane stakla" follows the previous hit-theme "Tu sam".With this single "Moon" shows an unknown, misterious side of its face.

"Grad, s druge strane stakla" wins your heart with its surprising, funky rythm. Above the electronic pulsation of the musical theme, there flows a melody of frilly elegance. Since the funk lies without a secret (one should simply give into it!), the secret lies in the melody. This composition, believe it or not, was performed by the Putokazi generation of 1988. Therefore, this theme was tatooed on the Putokazi's skin a long time ago. It's first working title was "Fiume". This title describes the Croatian-Italian language in which the composition was written, underlining the athmosphere that has been the characteristic of the city's local colour, for the past 25 years - the period in which Putokazi have been performing. "Grad, s druge strane stakla" is our gift to the city for the past 25 years in which Putokazi have been performing.

In this single, Rijeka is its usual self, and yet so different.

With this new radio single, the progressive course of the album "Moon" continues to shine on our national sky of the pop music. One should trust the Moon when it's guiding you towards the City, beyond the other side of the glass.

...Moon in stores...

If we close our eyes together, in the eve of July the 9th, at exactly 9 PM and 21 minutes, and if you open your eyes just a few minutes after that, two Moons will appear before you.

The first will be the Moon in the sky, round and abounding with silver, that vanished in the darkness on July the 7th only to be conceived once again on july the 9th as a full moon. The second one will be the Moon that, in a form of a CD, strated it's journey on July the 8th towards the stores, to proceede into your hands as the new album of Putokazi.

Follow the sky's guiding lights and come to the press conference wich will be held to celebrate the coming of those two Moons.

Where? In the Planetarium of the Astronomical Society of Rijeka.

We are here, waiting for you to begin our spherical existance with the sky, surrounded by our city Rijeka passed into dusk. With either one of the two Moons in front of us, you will discover the change which made our singl OutPUT become InPUT. Come, be In.

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